Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Raw Materials

One interesting factoid I learned this weekend at Laurel Hill--marble used to be the most popular choice for tombstones because its luminescent white color was associated with innocence and purity of the soul.

It seems like these days so many more are made out of granite, maybe because it's more durable?


Laurel Hill Cemetery said...

Yes. When people began to notice the effects of the elements and pollution upon marble, granite became prized for its durability here. It can withstand hundreds of years of weathering effects, and granite has also been prized for the array of colors it is found in. I'm sure you noticed how sadly eroded some of the LHC marbles are, whereas Harriet Frishmuth's "Aspiration" - in granite - is doing quite well.

Philly Graveyard Rabbit said...

I did notice that! There's something haunting and sweet about those old worn-away marble gravestones.

I was amazed to see the ones in Mt. Peace that actually have people's pictures etched on them. I hadn't run across those before.